How to Clean a Boy

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

Triple check the joist             hooked
from your garage             ceiling
is rated for at least             97 pounds.

Spear his calves             with T-hanger
with gambrel & let             the rusty hitch
of your truck             do the hard work

of pulling cord taut             till he’s vertical
as Christ             on a 2x4. Pray
for the palms             preparing supper. So

your own. Slit             the olive skin
around his sissyboy             ankles. &
remember             The key to good meat

is separation             from its fur.
Grind your skinning             knife
sharper             than obsidian.

Blade incisions             precise at 10
& 2 &             steer his hide down
toward the slop             bucket

brim red             with offal. Keep
going or             his body might warm
into another kind             of kneejerk

wriggling             like an unfrozen fish
tossed silvery             pond thawed of
guilt & comatose             motion.

Not a kindness.             Wash him
gently             with a hose. Know deep
un-downed             he is only meat & bones.

Wipe             the blood
first             from your floors
second             your conscience.