Ali Black

I grew up with a lot of white people.
The white girls I played soccer with ate
boxed Kraft macaroni and cheese as a snack.
They cooked their hotdogs in the microwave
and feathered their blonde bangs with L’Oréal hairspray.
They cheated on tests and never got caught.
In high school, my teacher mocked my last name.
McClain complain. McClain complain. 
White people tell a lot of lies.
My brother has more proof than I do.
Back then, our parents stayed talking
to our coaches. I saw my mother
walk up to one with a note pad
to document his bullshit.
He used to bench our star Black players
so second string white boys could play.
One time, I took my jersey off
after a big loss and my coach
looked at me in disgust. I swear
he yelled at me like I had plans
to set the field on fire in my sports bra.
Another time, me & my crew
got suspended for wearing khaki pants
with light denim shirts.
The principal called it gang behavior.